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Why choose us 


Our aim is to educate, motivate and empower our student and trainees to achieve their career in health, fitness and sports training goals. FSA Education is for those who want to know about health, fitness and sports, to upgrade the fitness knowledge, to give professional training to the clients such as correcting the postural imbalance, teaching proper exercise technique through scientific methodology and post-rehabilitation fitness.

Study at FSA


Certified Personal Trainer

The Personal Training Course is the most comprehensive course in Exercise Science which makes it easier to grasp both theoretical and practical aspects of fitness training.      


Special Population Trainer

A special population refers to particular groups of people with special fitness and exercise needs and typically requires a greater level of supervision. 


Yoga - Refresher Course

Yoga enables us to make a balance in life and our physical fitness. This course make you eligible to train and instruct individual who needs overall fitness       

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Diet and Nutrition 

The Dietetics and Nutrition Course is to provide you with

a thorough understanding of the challenges  with a strong background in the core concepts of nutrition         


Our Team

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Dr. Rohit Bahuguna


MPT, BPT, BPEd, S&C Specialist


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Dr. Naresh Parihar


MPT, BPT, MSW(Medical), S&C Specialist

Head Fitness Science

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Dr. Pralad Priyadarshi

Sports physiotherapist Indian cycling TeamBCCI Level 1 PhysioFormer Assistant Professor (MAMC) Agroha Hissar

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Sunny Chandella


NSNIS Patiyala (Yoga)

B. P. E | M. P. E

Head Sports Science


Inderjeet Madan


3rd Dan Black Belt, ACE ( HC & CPT)

Head Combat Fitness